Hey, girls, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I know you are so excited now. If you're not or if you have no idea what to do in this valentine day to show your dear ones how much you care. Don't worry, we are her with some simple but rocking ideas to get you started. Let's have a look our cool and best and romantic valentine’s day ideas for him.
It is not so expensive or complicated, we are here to make it simple, fun, flirty and from the heart.  Valentine’s Day is the great time to remind one another how much your man means to you.  You know Valentine’s Day is the best time to do something different. It can be a romantic candlelight dinner, or dressing up for a special night out, seize the opportunity and show your better half how much you care.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him 
1. Send Him Flowers with Cute Message: Send him some red roses with a lovely love letter. Flowers are a beautiful way to let him know how much you care about him.

2. Plan a surprise outing: Plan a surprise date and choose your partner's favorite place. Make the moment more memorable.

3. Choose a Sexy and Romantic Dress: It is best to choose a red color dress. If he doesn't like red you can select different color too. Check out some sexy and Romantic Valentine day dresses.

4. Make a Little Notebook: Plan a little notebook and write down why he is favorite for you and also share some sweet messages.

5. Make breakfast in bed: Cook something different and his favorite dish and give him a surprise in this valentine morning.

6. Plan a Gift for Him: Don't forget to collect a gift for him. And you can make one If you can like to make cute valentine cards, decorate the room or cook his favorite dish.

7. Recreate your first date: Plan something different or recall all the feelings you had for each other that have on your first date.

8. Write Love Letter: Write some cute love letter to him and give him one by one and tell him how much you love him.

9. Red Lipstick: Write a romantic message on the bathroom mirror. Something sensual that lets him know you're thinking about him.

10. Plan a Romantic Movie: Buy two tickets in advance of a romantic movie. And enjoy your special moment.
I hope you have enjoyed our Romantic Valentine Day Ideas for Him!

One plus 3 “feels good to hold”. This particular teaser came from OnePlus CEO Pete Lau to indicate that their next gen flagship will have entirely new design which addresses user concerns about the bulky and heavy OnePlus 2..
OnePlus have a great reputation of turning out well-built, well-speced Android phones with one of the most beloved Android UI customizations all for around half the price of your average flagship phone. But With the release of HTC 10 , Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the expectation from OnePlus to bring out the same combination of price and performance with the OnePlus 3 is sky high. So today in this video we will rounding up all the leaks and details of the OnePlus 3. To begin with, these internal naming culture has been quite popular with upcoming flagship devices and Interestingly OnePlus 3 is codenamed “Rain-Rain”. Recent leaks from Geekbench as well as GFXBench all under the same codename suggest that the new flagship killer could offer upto 6GB of RAM, NFC and plenty of other cutting edge hardware.

Abiding by these leaks, just like the Oneplus 2 …its possible that OnePlus could offer two distinct models of their flagship smartphone , one with 4 GB and other with 6GB of RAM.. To further support this, a similar strategy was adapted by their rival company releasing Xiaomi Mi 5 in regular 3GB and premium 4 gig variant as well. DESIGN Talking about the design, Co Founder Carl Pei in an interview with Cnet said that the phone will feature a new design. To support this statement, a recent tweet from reliable leakster Evan Blass came up with a shot of what may be the OnePlus 3. If the image shared by Blass is accurate, OnePlus may have been influenced by HTC in the new phone’s design. The images suggest A square protruding camera, along with an oval-shaped fingerprint sensor on the front, USB Type-C and a slim metal design. Another leak through the Twitter account @Kjuma also showed off design influences from HTC on OnePlus 3. The pictures, which was also reportedly leaked on Chinese social site Weibo suggest a radical design change for OnePlus, and the device looks somewhat like a black HTC
DISPLAY Coming on to display…

Despite every other competitor sporting a QHD display, OnePlus 2 sticked with its 5.5 inch 1080p resolution screen. Keeping in mind that sustaining the incredibly low price tag is what Oneplus devices are known for, OnePlus 3 could also feature Full HD resolution in a slightly smaller 5 inch display protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Futher leak from Evan suggest that One plus 3 will sport an AMOLED display that tends to offer richer and punchier colors than LCD. SPECIFICATION OnePlus 3 will undoubtedly house top of the line specs while maintaining the low price. Based on its previous releases and a leaked Antutu Benchmark, OnePlus 3 will come with Snapdragon 820 chipset coupled with Adreno 530 graphics unit. Although the leaked benchmarks suggest 4 Gb of RAM, leaks and rumors from different sources suggest two models of OnePlus 3. One with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage and other with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Based on the Geekbench leaked, OnePlus is likely to bump up the camera resolution to 16 Megapixel at the back and 8 MP to the front . Regarding the battery, According to evleaks, OnePlus 3 will house a slightly smaller 3000mah battery which may be compromised due to restrictions inside the new slim metal body.

On the contrary, a Chinese site GizmoChina claims that Oneplus 3 will have a larger 3500mah battery with Oppo’s low voltage VOOC fast charging technology. According to techradar with this technology, OnePlus 3 could fully charge in 15 minutes while avoiding any overheating issue. Additionally, OnePlus has been seen to register a trademark for something called Dash Charge, which could easily be applied to fast charging technology. On the software side, Its very likely that Oneplus 3 will come with Android 6.0.1 based Oxygen 3 which will have all the perks of Oxygen OS with customization capabilities and few additional features based on Android Marshmallow.
Price and Release Date Regarding the price, GizmoChina says the phone will be available in 4GB + 32GB and 6GB + 64GB options, priced at around $354 and $384 in China, respectively. It’s highly likely we’ll see the device in June, as in a late February interview with Cnet en Español, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said the OnePlus 3 will launch “at the end of the second quarter.” June is the last month of the quarter. The phone is expected to launch as an unlocked device in the U.S. and other markets. Pei also said the OnePlus 3 would be sold directly by the company just like in the past, but he promises a “better buying process.” Unfortunately it is uncertain if the invitation system will remain in play or not, but he did say that the company would accept credit cards in addition to PayPal. In a nutshell , All these rumors sure does make OnePlus 3 one of the promising device in 2016.

However we still have to wait for whether it would be able to surpass our expectation and maintain its title set by TIMES magazine as ‘phone of dreams” So that is it for this video guys. Do let us know in the comment section about what you would like to see in OnePlus 3. I will be coming up with OnePlus 3 review once it is out .So subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and you guys have a great day.

Hey guys this is Abir and these are five smartphone life hacks. Basically every phone out there comes with a charger but they’re not all created equal. A generic one amp power brick can take hours and hours to recharge your phone which can feel like forever when You’ve only got a few minutes to plug it in.

Most new Android phones though support quick charging which can cut this time down massively, it comes in a few different flavors but the most common is a 2.1 amp output. This also goes for the iPhone, newer models will charge way faster when you swap the stock adapter with an iPad charger. Speaking of the battery there’s a lot you can do to keep from hitting the outlet before the end of the day. Most phones have a low power mode which can be helpful when you get low on battery but something you should absolutely do is dive into settings and check what’s draining your phone.

If you see an app killing your charge you can try disabling the location or background app refresh and see how that helps. While we’re in settings we can also speed up your phone. While animations make things look nice they can actually slow your phone down, it might seem minor to wait an extra second but considering just how many times you open apps and unlock your phone every day it absolutely adds up. In Android you can change this by rapidly tapping the build number in about phone to unlock developer settings and then change the animation speed to something a little faster. On iOS jump into the accessibility

menu and turn on the Reduce Motion option. There are also a lot of ways of stepping up your photo game. Basic things like enabling the 3 by 3 grid help a ton for properly composing your shots and lots of smartphones have pro modes that allow you to fully tweak the settings on your camera to get the shot just right. One little tip on the iPhone is to tap and hold where you want to focus, this will lock both focus and exposure and you can change it by dragging up and down giving you a way of locking down the shot. The best way to lock things down though is with a physical tripod, you can buy an adapter to mount your

phone and with clip on lenses you can totally change the look of your photos and videos to transform your smartphone into a serious tool. Screenshots have been around forever but sometimes you just need to record video from your screen. Most phones have an HDMI adapter you can use to get video out to a TV which you can record with something like the awesome Elgato Game Capture HD but there’s a simpler way of doing it. Phones like the Galaxy S7 have a built-in recorder that work surprisingly well for gameplay but an option like AZ Screen Recorder works well on basically any Android device. If you have a Mac the iPhone also has a neat way of doing this, plug it in via Lighting and inside QuickTime you should see the iPhone listed as a camera under New Movie Recording. This should mirror your screen on the Mac and let you easily record whatever you like. So what are some life hacks you guys have found useful? Let me know in the comments below.

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We are here to provide you Simple But Stylish also as decorated Front Neck designs for girls Suits Catalogue with stylish Kameez, Shirts, Kurti Cotton, Lawn, Punjabi and For Winter Girls Dresses in Pakistan and India. Here are Few Neck styles that you will love and I am sure you will make one for you.
Stylish Collar Neck Designs

To design a simple dress neck decoration is a basic a part of women Suit and Neck Design is most visible and engaging Dress part, if  your neck design is stunning therefore your dress will certainly appearance attractive.
Simple But Stylish Neck Designs For Girls

There are several kinds of dress styles and completely different styles were used for various sorts of dresses, latest and stylish neck style largely used for Frocks and Punjabi suit as well in currently Angrakha vogue Neck style is extremely celebrated in Pakistan and India, new look and designs additionally used for Kameez, Shirts and for Frocks.
Beautiful Round Split Neck Designs For Fashionable Girls

If you want a to provide an easy look to your dresses you ought to designed collar style or round split form Neck styles its terribly simple and additionally appearance smart also Pakistan, Indian and Bangladeshi Women and ladies principally likes this vogue.

As we see that in last year Pakistani several Fashion Designer designed collar vogue Neck on their dresses assortment, for different type of Dresses Neck styles were terribly easy as a result of the worth of those dresses and don't seem to be high there for collar, round or round split style is that the best option for this kind of ladies dress.
Stylish Neck Designs For Girls

And dear friend you can also design your dress with Embroidery, Ribbons, Lace and Tapes work on it that make it attractive and beautiful. This type of Salwar Neck Designs designed for party or occasional dresses. And you can also add a collar style with embroidery or ribbon work to make more stylish or gorgeous dresses.
Google Maps an excellent tool
Google maps have become quite popular. It is one of the easiest ways to find direction. It is also the quickest way. It gives immediate direction by looking up on the address.  One does not have to log into different websites to find the exact location of the place. Quick maps for chrome have proved to be an excellent tool and helps in finding excellent direction. It locates the exact spot using the internet service. Google maps may not work properly in many mobiles and the access could be quite uncomfortable. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have the latest Google maps tools and are popularly known as Quick maps. For Google Chrome there is a Chrome extension which has developed Quick Maps. In absence of a webpage one could view and find different locations.
Every women love to enjoy designer collection. If the collection is about top 12, then they will be crazy to collect them. And they should be because top 12 Saree blouse back neck designs mean really something special. Saree shirt play a very important within the saree’s overall attractiveness. No matter however stunning a Sari is, an imperfect blouse will ruin the design of your dress. The wonder of the dress accentuates only if it's matched with an applicable blouse within a good work.
Stylish Blouse Neck Designs

For every fashion lover girl It is vital to pick appropriate Sari blouse styles and patterns that enhances the dress design and obviously go with your personality. You'll experiment with numerous fashionable blouse neck patterns and sleeve styles for your blouse. Designer Saris and custom created designer Saree blouses from boutiques are hottest trend right away. You'll customize your wedding Sari blouse with Maggam work, kundan work, zardosi work, stone work, thread embroidery etc. to make wealthy look. If you wish your dress to grab the eye and keep the shirt easy and stylish you'll attempt simple and classy blouse back neck designs  and different type of sleeves designs with massive borders etc.
Saree Blouse back design

Different length and sleeve designs of blouses with an embellished look which make really gorgeous outfit which are in nice demand, in recent times. The latest design which is running at this time and have a new look and sleeves, we have come with those designs.

Saree Blouse Front neck designs

Are you decided which design will you pick for favorite Saree? This attractive Indian apparel is each woman’s favorite and also their traditional wear. It accentuates your body elements and causes you to look beautiful. The blouse is that the Indian version of crop tops, that's worn singly with sarees. And saree blouses will have an excellent and outstanding impact on your overall look.
Stylish Blouse Neck Designs

 Top Western And Indian Dress Neck Patterns are growing in quality not solely in India, however within the western world too. Neck designs became an enormous fashion statement. You'll wear them with jeans, leggings or Shalwar and that they look completely good. Each girl, of all shapes and sizes loves wearing a dress with a gorgeous look neck. Designer dresses are often worn on any occasion and by anyone, from casual wear within the workplace and school to traditional family events and festivals. If you are an Indian then, you should try with Dupatta or while not Dupatta and that they can still look superb and trendy. In the western country girls love to wear party dresses and now they focus on wearing a beautiful neckline dress.
 From figure hugging dresses to lose flowing ones, they are available during a kind of designs and styles. Shorter dresses look completely nice with skinny jeans and you'll attempt reducing the length more and paring a brief kurti with a skirt. Longer dresses add flare and volume to your figure and you'll wear these with leggings for a trendy ethnic look. Figure fondling apparels look nice on a university going lady and with a correct stream lined cut will look sensible with leggings and Salwars. A noticeable kurti look sensible with a conventional clothing and a heavily designed dress works well with none accessories. You'll combine your dress with neck pattern with a range of purses,from the significant tote baggage for brief kurtis to a trendy clutch and a sensible hand bag for significant latest and old style neckline dresses.
 Neck styles may be a basic part of of girls Suit and Neck style is most visible and engaging Dress part, if you your neck style is gorgeous thus your dress will certainly appearance engaging.

So, these are some Top Western And Indian Dress Neck Patterns that add a combination of traditional style to fashionable sensibilities and build an exquisite mix for you.